BeeKay (ninerfan_11) wrote in thequestionclub,

totally random mixed bag 'o fun

1. What family member do you have the closest relationship to? Or what family member do you think knows you best, and vice versa?
Me = probably my mom... but my brother and I have this very eerie sense of similar tastes

2. Your favorite Disney movie ever? (Let's go with cartoons strictly).
Me = Aladdin, by far... speaking of, I need to see that - it's been awhile!

3. What does your telephone look like? (Not cellphone; I'm talking about your house, landline phone)
Me = i have some cheapie, $8 phone, that is attached to the base with a 2 foot cord. i hate it

4. Does it annoy you that everyone uses "555" phone numbers in movies and TV shows?
Me = yes, that's why i asked the question

5. Let's pretend you don't have kids yet, or that  you're planning on having another one in the near future? What would you name the baby if it was a boy? What about a girl?
Me = hmm... i've kinda always liked the names Tyler and Zach for boys; and Bethany for a girl
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