Reina (delilarei) wrote in thequestionclub,


I'm on federal disability SSI and I don't really want a 9-5... but I know what goes into the basics of running a small bussiness... as I was in process of getting my own Kiosk to run as I please when I was 18-19yrs... but my "mindful distractions" and fear of failure held me back...

Now I feel comfortable taking a plung... MY QUESTION:

I belly dance and know a few professional dance intrucors... I want to open a DANCE STUDIO in TACOMA, WA???

Is there a market for Modern Art Dance Studio/ Community Pefroming arts center in TACOMA/Lakewoode...

...and saying I can't get a co-signer... 22yrs old lil to no credit...

HOW hard... is getting things off the ground gonna be?

Free resources online?
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