Tina (tinamarie) wrote in thequestionclub,

About Deutschland

Something I've been wondering about for a long time, but don't know anyone to ask and because there is such a diverse group here, I thought I'd ask TQC!  

BACKGROUND:  I lived in (West) Germany from 1986 to 1989 and visited East Berlin several times.  Anyone who has visited before the wall coming down, may remember driving through the "corridor" with helicopters flying above the cars and the soviet politzei tracking speed; the soviet guards at the checkpoints asking for trades (we traded a Michael Jackson "Thriller" tape for a Soviet emblem); the Russian guards with machine guns on all the corners at AlexanderPlatz shopping area.  So here's my questions:

1.  If you were familiar with Berlin before and after the wall coming down, how has Berlin changed?  How has West Germany changed with the "Easteners" able to travel freely now?  Do you have any stories about that?


2.  Does the Autobahn still not have a speed limit?


3.  Are there any privately driven trucks there now (like pick-up trucks)?  When I was there people only had cars (except for the commercial trucks).

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