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some random stuff, and a bet.

1. how expensive is soy milk? any other milk alternatives i should consider trying? i'm curious. i got a coupon for silk in the mail and i want to try it.

2. i'm going into my third year of college as an elementary education major, and i currently have 15 hours scheduled. there's a history class i really need to take that hasn't been offered recently that i didn't preregister for, but i need to add it onto my schedule... however, i have to drop one of my classes to add that history class, because i can't go over 15 hours due to financial issues. so... should i drop children's literature or finite math?

both of them will be offered in the spring and i can take them then, and there is no scheduling conflict. children's lit involves a LOT of work, but one of my friends is taking finite math and i told her i would help her out with it. i'm leaning towards dropping children's lit myself, but i am also currently scheduled for finite math and theory of arithmetic.

3a. should i get a new book sack this year? i'm really thinking about getting an ll bean messenger bag. got my colors picked out and everything.

3b. i have a backpack from high school i still use, but i'd like to get into something more of a messenger bag. i have knee problems, so would a messenger bag (moderately packed, i don't plan on carrying everything around all the time) be easier on my knees if i wear it right?

4. what do you do if you have a recurring bad dream that keeps you from sleeping? how do you make it go away?

5. not to sound morbid, but any bets on what the name(s) of this year's major hurricane(s) are going to be? (i live on the gulf coast, humor me)
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