Meg (damuddymeg) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have you ever had a friend/coworker/acquaintance who badmouths mutual friends all the time? Did you confront them? Did you ever wonder whether (or find out that) they talked that way about you?


When was your last vacation? Did you go anywhere?

Are you planning your next vacation? Where are you going/what are you planning?

I have a friend who cuts down nearly everyone we both know. I've asked him if he actually likes anyone he knows. His answer was, "No, not really." Makes me wonder what he says about me to other people, and makes it really hard to trust him anymore.

My last vacation was last week (my first in over a year). I didn't go away, as my husband got transferred and couldn't get that week off at his new job. My next vacation isn't until January--I don't know that we'll go away then, either. Some plain old down-time will be much needed. :)
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