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I've been working my way through M*A*S*H season six, so I want to know what tqc thinks about M*A*S*H!

1. Have you seen the movie?
2. Have you seen the show? How much of it have you seen?
3. Who is/was your favourite character?
4. Who is/was your least favourite character?
5. What is your favourite episode?
6. Did you ever watch the spinoffs? (Trapper John, MD; After MASH.)

1. No, but I will eventually.
2. Obviously. ;) I've seen all of seasons 1 & 3, 2/3 of 6 and various others that I can't place.
3. Radar always was my favourite character. I do like Frank and Winchester though.
4. I never had a least favourite character, at least out of the main cast.
5. My favourites were always the 'dear mom and dad' ones.
6. No, and I don't know if I want to.
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