Lady Bukowski (hammersickle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Bukowski

tl,dr post.

i bought a new car in april. now, i think i want to get rid of it. i don't really know how to go about doing this. i am kind of confused and the people at the dealership just want to keep putting me on hold and telling me that my car is awesome, so i should keep it. maybe you guys could help me out here. basically, i bought the car when i got a raise at my job. then, my boss threw a fit because i wasn't supposed to get the raise until around october, so he told me it was in error and i'm not making as much now. i can't really afford the car on what i'm making, and also since i am young and the car is brand new, the insurance is ridiculously high. (well, it's also new jersey, haha.)

1. if i give the car back to the dealership, i'm still going to owe them a bunch of money, right? how does this process work?
1a. will the dealership still take my car even though i've been in an accident? insurance is going to pay to fix the damage, and i was not at fault in the accident. i am going to get it fixed before i attempt to do anything. if i return the thing, am i going to owe them more money because it's now a car that was in an accident?
2. would it be easier just to get it repossessed? i know that this will make my credit awful, but i'm young so it doesn't matter that much. i am kind of scared that i might wind up getting it repossessed anyway, because i'm not making as much as i had originally budgeted this purchase with. so, what's the deal with respossession? how does this process work? yikes. i didn't know how severe the awful-ness of repossession was. nevermind that, then.
2a. have you ever had a vehicle repossessed? can you tell me what happened?
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