Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

this stupid bar thing... There was a link to remove it, I think, and the other link was something like "take this off"... I clicked take this off... it didn't refresh the page, so I couldn't hit 'back' to fix it...

I have all the links I need already at the top of my journal navigation, thanks. Help me get it off?

Also: how many hours of sleep do you need to function properly? and is it more than you like to think?
I stayed up late last night talking with a friend, thinking I'd be okay, but apparently my answer is "considerably more than 5 hours"

Also! now they're investigating what the one guy said to Zidane to make him go off, and from bbc hiring a deaf-lip-reader or somesuch, he might have called him the son of a terrorist whore. which he denies. but like i said, investigation.
It's not like they can go back in time and put Zidane back in the game or take the other guy out. If it's determined that the headbutting were justified, and he shouldn't have gotten a red card, or that they both should've, what happens?
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