a slice of cosmic cheesecake (fiercerose) wrote in thequestionclub,
a slice of cosmic cheesecake

For those of you well-acquainted with California... what are some interesting/quirky/lesser-known places to go and things to see? The cheaper the better (i.e., no Disneyland or Magic Mountain).

Me and my friends are going to test out a wacky idea... we all love to get out of town (because where we live sucks a whole lot) but then we're all pretty broke most of the time. So my husband came up with the idea that we all come up with a few places we're interested in going, and put each one into a sealed envelope. Then, on a day we all have set aside, we draw one envelope at random and go there. We've already got well-known stuff like Yosemite and Santa Cruz covered, so I'm trying to come up with some crazy stuff.. like ghost towns, caverns, the Jelly Belly Factory... stuff like that. Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated!!
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