Silentyrs (silentyrs) wrote in thequestionclub,

Were you ever punished for a physical, mental or emotional disability in school? What happened?


I was born with my feet slightly bent inwards (pigion toed.) My teachers would constantly reprimand me and send me to the back of the line when we walked to the bathrooms screaming: "STOP WALKING LIKE THAT!" I wonder why they thought screaming at me would help. Eventually my feet grew and naturally corrected.

My s/o was born with dyslexia and his elementary school teacher would skip his turn in reading group. I suppose she only wanted to teach the "brightest" students. My s/o is now a year away from getting a Doctoral Degree in Physics from Cornell.

*edit: I forgot to mention that the none of his teachers ever never noticed the dyslexia. He taught himself to read.*
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