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If you had to choose a political label/affiliation, what would it be?

Do you consider it an insult if someone calls you something else? (a liberal being called conservative, or a conservative being called a liberal, for example)

If you are of legal voting age for the country you live in, did you vote in the last election you were eligible to vote in? What was the election for?

What beliefs of yours are the strongest (political or otherwise)?

When you have a strong belief on something, are you willing to listen to opposite viewpoints on the subject? If you do listen to other people's views, do you really listen and try to understand their points, or do you just brush their views off because you don't agree? Does the belief/subject matter influence how well you listen to another point of view?

Are you a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan? Why? (short version, please, no tl;dr lectures on how evil it is to eat meat)
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