caro (rockinthesuburb) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, I need your guys' help and badly.
I am currently studying in Germany and will be leaving at the beginning of August. Afterwards I will be travelling to Norway and Denmark, and back to Germany for a few days. I leave for the States the end of August, but between the end of July and the end of August I will not have any international (travelling) health insurance and the STA in Germany will not insure me because I won't have a "Wohnsitz" in Germany, meaning I will no longer be a resident in Germany. I have no health insurance in the States because both of my parents lost their jobs while I was here and therefore I am not covered by them anymore. And in addition, I filed my taxes independently, making it impossible to be under their health insurance if it were an option.
here's where you guys come into play. Where can I find (international) health insurance to cover me until I get back to the States and get insured there?
I've been searching but have had no luck so far. Any suggestions, advice, etc. would be more than appreciated!!!
thanks much in advance,

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