Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm at work. about 75% of our computers are iMacs, the ones kinda shaped like half of a plastic easter egg, the ones with the handle ("so you can tie a rope around it, and use it for a BOAT ANCHOR.")

How do I adjust the screen settings? brightness, wideness, such like that? On a PC there's usually a menu button somewhere and I can push things, but apparently an array of buttons would foul the iMac's sleekness, so they left them out.

basically, the 'screen' doesn't take up the entire 'screen'. there's a quarter to half inch margin around the display, where it's black but it -could- be used for display, and I want to be using that. And I want the screen brighter. and if there's a sharpness adjustness thing, damn that'd be awesome. It sucks trying to proofread stuff when rn looks like m, because I got to work late and got one of the crap computers.

edit: thanks guys. screen is still kinda fuzzy but not stupidly small.
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