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Grade School Movies

Did you ever watch any weird/funny educational movies back in grade school? Do you remember laughing at any of the parts?

I remember watching The Voyage of the Mimi with Ben Affleck in 5-6th grade. I met Capt Granville on a school trip to Port Jefferson (I'm from Long Island). We learned how to gut a squid, tie knots and we sung sea shantys and had a tour of the boat. We made fun of Sally Ruth because she was deaf and 10 year olds are heartless bastards. And lets not forget the hypothermia episode, where they all had to get naked and get in the sleeping blankets with the guy who went overboard. And Holy Chickens! That's All Peanut Butter?!

We also watched Roots in 8th grade. I remember it being really sad, and that guy got whipped for not using his name. We never really made fun of that..

I also remember being shown the Zapruder film (the one of Kennedy being shot). My teacher rewound it a bunch of times and said in a very Marv Albertish way "Let's see that again!" That was um, kinda creepy.

In 11th grade we watched a movie on chemistry where they put cesium in water and the water exploded. Also, the guy was British and sad "Al-u-minium" instead of "Alu-minum" which was sorta funny.
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