Well, darling, this is it (brokensemaphore) wrote in thequestionclub,
Well, darling, this is it

1. Suppose you have kids that are all adults, and one becomes a fugitive and comes to you to hide them. Do you do it? Turn them in? Tell them no and don't turn them in? [Asked because of the movie Blow and because what George's mom does pissed me off.]
2. How many times have you been in love?
2a. If you have been more than once, how was your first love different from your current/last one?
3. Do you lay out/go to a tanning bed?
4. What do you think of people who play MMORPGs?
5. How often do you make your bed?
6. What is your favorite community, other than this one?!!1/1!?11/1 yay! ZOMG I hope this isn't a repost!!!

1. Hide them
2. 2
2a. Innocence: not the physical kind, but more of the "we can do anything together, let's run away and get married and live in a field" kind.
3. I lay out when I'm visiting somewhere that has a private pool, but that's th only time
4. Even though I play them, I still classify other players, usually, as the typical nerdy mid- to late-teen boy.
5. Every few days, or when the mood strikes me.
6. I just couldn't resist

Edit: For those who missed the lame/shameless community plug and question #6 in vozhd7's post earlier, just ignore it

Edit #2: STOP ANSWERING #6!!! It's a bloody joke! I wouldn't ask y'all a question that we have all the time!
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