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i am a huge loser and i don't know what to wear to a job interview. it's at the gap and it's at noon tomorrow. i said i didn't care about this but i guess i do.

i don't have much to work with so i'm thinking a solid teal shirt and a black knee-length skirt but i don't know wtf kind of shoes i can wear with this. i have a pair of sandals that i graduated in that have a slight heel but i don't know, can i wear open-toed shoes to an interview at the gap? should i (ugh) do my toenails? and does my idea for an outfit sound terrible?

i don't really have dress pants. i have these grey pin-striped pants but they're wool and it's summertime and not only is that uncomfortable but it would also look ridiculous.

so yeah, i don't even know. my last real job interview was in the middle of the winter and i got to wear a sweater and a pair of khakis that i don't own anymore and they told me i was overdressed for it (i did get the job there but they were like, "so you're dressed up for an interview...what do you USUALLY wear?" and i was like, "well, jeans and a tshirt usually" and they were like, "ok cool, you'll fit in"). and my only other job interview was two years ago and i wore a black shirt and a black and white skirt and i didn't even get the job, haha. that's actually my other idea right now but the only black shirt i have now has a ralph lauren logo on it and i don't want to wear any blatant logos to my gap interview.

anyway uhhhh do you see any problems with my interview outfit, i guess that's what i'm asking. and shoes, yeah, shoes. help with the shoes please?

i should add that i live in the US where it is hot in the summer so boots and a jacket are pretty much out. even if i'm not uncomfortable it will stand out. yeahhhh

edit: ok ok i'm going to have to go shoe shopping. does anyone have a specific shoe they can recommend me?
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