Victoria Leigh Chung (xxvickixx) wrote in thequestionclub,
Victoria Leigh Chung


I'm eighteen, Canadian, and currently looking into getting a PayPal account. Recently, however, I have stumbled across numerous anti-PayPal articles and websites while doing my research. This Wikipedia article lists some concerns people have with this company under "Criticisms."

How do you feel about PayPal?
Do you have an account?

If so, how long have you had it for? Do you use it often?
Have you had any notable positive or negative experiences with this company?
Have you ever had customer support issues with PayPal?
In which country are you located?
Since PayPal is a subsidary of eBay with headquarters in California, do you think I should have any concerns as a Canadian with my banking information being stored in the US?

Any and all answers, advice and extra information would be appreciated.
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