Kaitlyn (cognosco) wrote in thequestionclub,

If you've gone through the college selection process:

1.  Do you have any funny memories of looking at colleges?
2.  Did you have any bad experiences while looking at colleges?

When I was being led on a tour around one campus, there was another girl with me.  At one point, we were shown the cafeteria, and the girl asked if the cake they made here was homemade or from a mix.  I enjoy good cake as much as the next person, but that's probably the most pointless question you could possibly ask.  Yeah, and that was about the only question she asked on the tour, besides if the cable there got Cartoon Network.

As far as bad experiences, after I made my choice to go to a school and committed to it, my mother would not leave me alone about the local university and how I should go there.  She still brings it up almost daily, even though I'm leaving in about a month.  Gah.
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