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If you come across a dead creature, whether animal or bird, what do you do?
Do you leave it lying where you found it? If you remove it, how do you do it (with a plastic bag or other implement), & what do you do with it (put it in a trash can, bury it in the ground)?

Conversely, what do you do if you find a creature obviously mortally wounded, yet still alive?
Do you leave it to die of natural causes & possibly suffer more, or do you choose to have a hand in its death in an effort to reduce its pain?

My own answers:

If I come across a dead animal (unless it's been run over & completely flattened to the ground), I feel compelled to remove it to another location, usually to a nearby garbage bin or something similar. I feel that, since I wasn't able to attend to it in its moment of need, the least I can do is save its body from being destroyed & disrespected further. I feel it's a simple way to show love & respect in death to other creatures. It was alone when it died, as we all are, & the least I can do is preserve its remains. Leaving it in the place where it died seems cruel to me.

I've encountered countless dead animals & birds that others pass by & look upon with scorn, & I just can't leave their poor bodies there to be trod upon. My boyfriend thinks it's a peculiar & somewhat revolting practice, but I guess he sees it as just one of my 'quirks.' I don't know anyone else who does this.

If I were to find a creature mortally wounded, without question, I'd look for a way to quickly end its suffering. Fortunately, I've not had to make such a decision, but I'm sure the day will come when I must.
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