Stitch Vicious (stitch_vicious) wrote in thequestionclub,
Stitch Vicious


1. When a book has been made into a movie/TV series, how much does it affect your perceptions of the book?

For Example: After watching, Sin City, you always imagine Hartigan's voice sounding like Bruce Willis when you read the comic.
Or you always imagine Harry Potter looking more like Daniel Radcliffe instead of basing you view of his appearance based on JK Rowling's description.

When I read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, I sometimes picture the kids as seen in the 1970s animated film version with Alsan's voice sounding like Liam Neeson.

And whenever I read a Batman/Teen Titans/Robin comic, I always imagine Robin and Beast Boy sounding like the voice actors providing their respective vocals in the Teen Titans series. And Alfred always sounds like Michael Caine, a Batman Begins influence.

2. Unrelated: Is there a term for describing something as being, "timeless"? For example, movies like Sin City where it's unclear that the film takes place in the past, present times, or the future.
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