miserable, arrogant old bat (cottonmanifesto) wrote in thequestionclub,
miserable, arrogant old bat

What's fair?

My ex and I got married in 9/92. Right before getting we got married, my dad and i bought a condo and my ex and our daughter and I moved in.

In 11/95 we broke up and I moved out (long story).

We're friendly with each other which is good because we see each other on a weekly basis and still talk to each other even more often than that.

In 2/00, I moved back in and he moved out to live with his girlfriend (who's now his wife) and left a bunch of stuff in the storage space we have in the basement. Since then, he's moved 2 other times and every time he's moved, I ask him to come look through the basement and go through his crap and throw out stuff that he doesn't want. He always says "yeah yeah yeah" but never gets around to it.

I want to do some reorganizing/redecorating and move some stuff downstairs into storage.

Do you think it's fair to give an ultimatum date of the end of September (it's been down there for almost 7 years now) for him to get his crap out of the basement? It's driving me freaking nuts.
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