Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass. (dazeydevyne) wrote in thequestionclub,
Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass.

A couple of music questions:

Tonight is my last night working at the bowling alley, and I'm bored of listening to the satellite radio. So I've decided to make a couple of CDs to play during tonight's Disco Bowling sessions. Each of the 2 sessions are 2 hours long, so I need at least 2 hours' worth of music. It has to be fairly "normal", as in it has to be at least tolerated by most people there, and it has to have clean lyrics, as the earlier session (from 7 - 9 ) is pretty much populated by kids (under 13). Any style is OK, as is any decade- I just want a good mix of stuff, hopefully not too over-played.


Seccondly, I'm planning on buying my 10 year old son a bass for Christmas. Do we have any musicians here that can recommend a good beginner bass for him? Anything I should look for? Am I right in thinking that the bass is somewhat less complicated in learning than, say a guitar or banjo (his other interests).

As another part of the gift, I'm going to give him some CDs that showcase excellent bass players. I'll definitely be getting him some older Red Hot Chili Peppers and Primus, but I'd like to give him a wider range. Who is your favorite bass player? (mine, obviously, are Flea & Les Claypool)
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