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I dated this guy who seemed absolutely perfect. When we were together, it was perfect. But he lives an hour and 20 minutes away from me so I rarely got to see him. With his job and him going to college made it almost impossible. And the fact that he's absentminded didn't help ("oh dont worry, i'll call you back in 15 minutes." next morning he barely remembers saying that) We ended up breaking up because I got so sick of not being able to see him and i percieved the absentmindedness as a sign that he didnt care (which he violently denied). 

After breaking up, we still talked. Even talked about getting back together. And then the day we were supposed to hang out to talk about it, he ended up having other plans (i can't remember if it was work or just other shit). And then one day we were talking and one of my best friends came up in conversation. And he told me how he wanted to bang her but probably wouldn't because there was this other girl from school he liked. And then he proceeded to tell me about this girl and his date. For an insecure girl like me, that was probably one of the harshest things that could've been said. He wants my best friend? Why was she so much better? I must suck a lot.

I then told him how incredibly inappropriate it was for him to tell me that and i stopped talking to him. Months went by. A couple weeks ago, he IMed me asking me (and my friends...) to go to a concert with him and his friends. (Just to be clear, me and my friends are insane, and he loves it.) I ended up not being able to go but we talked a lot and I remembered why I fell for him in the first place. We flirted a lot. He then wanted to hang out next week. We made plans for a couple days ago. I got grounded but begged and pleaded with my mom to let me go out with him. She finally conceeded seeing how much it meant to me.

He calls and says his brother took his car without asking and has no way of getting down here. Perfectly plausible explanation, just like work and such, but still it drove me crazy. I HATE WHEN HE DOES THIS/THIS HAPPENS! The next day he apologized a lot and said how much he wish he had come.

Question: Should I just give up on him? 

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