Zenaida Gonzales (4ever) wrote in thequestionclub,
Zenaida Gonzales

Fake IDs

1. What do you think of them? (I am sort of apathetic because I think the drinking age should be lowered to 18 anyway.)

2. Have you ever bought one? Where/how? (No.)

3. Have you ever used one? What happened? (No.)

4. If you've ever used or seen one, did it look real? (My friend's cousin used one on this past New Years and it was a TERRIBLE fake, but they let her drink anyway.)

5. What states do these things tend to come from? (I hear Florida is really common, but I live in Florida, so that's usually what we see anyway.)

I just started bartending, and at my work they give us $50 for every fake ID we spot and turn in. For other people who have to check ID to do their jobs: if you spotted an obvious fake and weren't being promised $50 would you pretend to be fooled?
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