Mary Anne (supermary) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mary Anne

On televesion

1. Do you like it when TV shows have bits in other languages? Like... in ER people speaking Spanish or Chinese or something.
2. Should those parts be subtitled or simply removed, and all shows should be 100% in the language of the country it originates from?
3. Do you like it when TV shows discuss "hot topics" such as drug abuse and teenage pregnancy?
4. What do you think of TV in general?
5. Should there be more "educational" things on TV?
6. How do you feel about violence and sex on TV?
7. What would you want to see on TV but rarely do?
8. Any other comments or opinions to share?

1. Yea I think it is cool.

2. Subtitled. I guess when a country is culturally diverse, it might not be too realistic to ignore that sort of of thing, if you are doing something that refers to a specific place where it is part of their identity to have that sort of mix. Otherwise, if you are doing something general, for the majority of the public, I would stick with 100% of the language of the country it comes from.

3.I think that is a good idea, but most of the attempts are rather lame and forced.

4. Could be better.

5. Not necessarily "educational", but "smarter" maybe. Raise the bar a little and not make things so mindless.

6. I don't mind it. If I am uncomfortable with it, I can always change channels or turn it off.

7. Good stuff to watch during the weekend.

8. I am saddened by the fact that to do something that reaches to the vast majority of the population, you have to lower the quality of your programation.
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