gee (pinkfaerietale) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm in the Uk and I am travelling within Europe.

Can I take electrical items in my suitcase? I am pretty sure you can but I remember being asked at check in if I had any electrical items in there. (This was a few years ago of course) I want to take an iron as I don't have a travel iron and don't want to have to purchase one for one trip.

Also, (now this might sound stupid but I want to check) when you're flying, obviosley you have to have the same name on your passport as are on the flight tickets. Eg. Mrs Jane Smith. But does it matter the way in which that appears? Like, say my passport says Jane Margaret Smith does it matter that the flight tickets say Mrs J M Smith or Mrs Jane Margaret Smith. Get the idea? I don't know why I thought that it mattered that they both appeared exactly the same but I wanna check.

And finally, should I go with travellers cheques or cash?
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