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Silly questions inspired by me talking to my partner this morning

1) Imagine you get a sex change from male to female. This is a regular, normal sex change, which means that after the surgery, even though you're physically female, you can't bear children, you don't get your period and you can't breastfeed even if you wanted to. With that in mind, what's the best thing about your shiny new gender? How about the worst?

2) One for the ladies. You get a sex change from female to male. You can ejaculate but you have no sperm count, so you can't impregnate anyone. Like above, what are the best and worst things about your new gender?

(Disclaimer: If you're going to comment just to say that sex changes are disgusting/wrong/OMGSICK, do yourself a favour and don't. I get very defensive about these things and I'm not about to try and start any flamewars)
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