The Optical Pain Igor's Hair! (laurrp) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Optical Pain Igor's Hair!

If you were a Superhero, what kind would you be? You have to make up a name, too. And a costume if you want. If you illustrate it, you would be my favorite.

(inspired by my previous salsa post
in which _mathlete became "Supertaster.")

Edit: If you're already a superhero, you don't have to reveal your identity, although you are encouraged to, and you have to make up a new answer for the question. If you were another superhero, what kind would you be?

Second edit (I'm really bored and can't sleep):
who would win in a duel-to-the-death:

1. Spuersleeper (the name is self-explanatory)
2. Supertaster (mainly medium salsa)
3. The Castrator (protecting helpless European women in danger)
4. Spark (has undefined electrical powers and hair with blue streaks in it)
5. The Unabomber (sans moustache, it was causing personal problems)
6. Super Queen (has a cape and 10" heels, spreads generally gay things throughout the land)
7. SUPERCUISINART (Black fishnet and vinyl. Also a clown nose. And winged shoes. AND KNIFE HANDS. And you don't have a choice whether he or she (sounds more like an it) enters your house.)
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