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financial aid questions

So I have some question about how long you can receive financial aid. And yes, I have called and talked to financial aid and got 3 different answers. I put it under a cut because of length, and to not agitate people.

Edited now with info I left out left :: 07/05/06 10:16 pm est

Ok, so I have used up approximately 2 years and 2 semesters of financial aid going to school. I went to trade school and used 2 years worth, and just recently went to a college for 2 semesters (full time). I've accrued probably around $11,000.00 total in loans. I'm currently enrolled in a community college for this next year (summer + fall 2006, spring 2007), and it's fortunately all being covered by pell grants. I then -hope- to enroll in a college and get a degree in women’s studies, but the program looks like it’s going to take me 3-4 years to accomplish.

Anyways, I decided to change my major, thus why leaving my old college and taking requirement courses at my local community college in hopes to attend a new college coming fall 2007 and beyond. When I left my old college I got a bit concerned about how much financial aid I had used, because when I talked to the main FA honcho at my old college they said you only get 5 years of financial aid. So I figured out round about how much I had used and called fasfa, and the women I talked to pretty much said the same thing. She told me you get 5 years, or 23 subsidized loans and 23 un-sub'ed. And round about $46,000.00 each in sub and un-sub loans. I called the college I hope to attend after community college, and they won’t answer my questions because I’m not enrolled. The most they said is that if I show need for financial aid, there’s a slim possibility that I could get more. But they didn’t say for how long, or how much.

I was talking to my friend recently and she said she didn't think it was true and she had just talked to fasfa, and they told her differently. So I -just- called, and the guy I talked to gave me a completely different answer than what I got the first time. He said for your undergraduate (which is what I'm still perusing) you pretty much get financial aid till you achieve a undergraduate degree as long as you attend more than half time. The only stipulation is, that once you receive a certain amount in sub and un-sub (he rattled off the numbers but I didn't catch them all) you have to start making payments to keep getting loans. And he said as far as grants, you get those till you achieve your undergraduate.

Ok, so which is it? 5 years or as long as it takes to get your bachelors w/ stipulations? Sorry if this has been asked before, but it's important to know. I'm extremely poor and they thought of paying for the 2 years of college that financial aid won’t cover (if the 5 year rule is true) is scary, and frankly I don't know if I could even do it.

Thank you for answers in advance.

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