Lady Bukowski (hammersickle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Bukowski

fuck, i'm bored.

1. do you still delude yourself with the idea of "forever"?
2. so, how long is forever, exactly?
3. what are the best ways to break up with someone? and i'm not talking "tell him how you really feel" kind of answers. more like...what are the most kickass ways of breaking up you've ever heard of?
4. do you drink tap water?
5. if you had to say that one person in the world was "better than god", who would you choose?
6. if you had to say that one thing in the world was "better than sex", what would that thing be? (and if you're one of those "i'm asexual, so everything" kind of people, just replace the word sex with the word chocolate, or something that is generally accepted as OMGZ YAY that you agree with, you argumentative twat, you.)
7. what's a good way to get tar off one's feet?
8. would you rather work for a cable company or a satellte company?
9. why can't i think of any more inane questions? seriously i am not nearly as good at this as most of this community seems to be. wait.
10. how do you cure rectal warts and what should i have for dinner?
11. if you're out of clean underwear and don't have time to do laundry, do you go without or wear a pair of dirty ones? if you even wear underwear. but really who does that these days.
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