Galant Gadabout (roc441) wrote in thequestionclub,
Galant Gadabout

Obviously I should know better than to ask for medical advice from strangers on the intarwebs, and re-reading what I have just written I feel like a complete hypochondriac but lets just kindly ignore that for the moment.

I'm currently studying abroad in Germany, and although I do have health insurance I have to pay in cash at the doctors office and when I get back home I have to send the bills in to the company and they refund it, and I'd really like to avoid it if possible.

Anyways about three days ago a spot on my thigh just above my knee started to feel uncomfortable whenever my jeans would rub up against it. It almost feels like there should be a cut or a burn there but there's nothing and even the slightest touch irritates it. It's slowly gotten more irritated over the past two days but I still can't see anything wrong with it. It's by no means agonizing, just irritating and it goes away if I take Tylenol.

Should I worry about it? Obviously if it gets really painful I will go to the doctors, but I just wanted to make sure there aren't any strange diseases that start out like this and ends with an alien clawing out of your stomach singing show tunes.

bleh, I feel like the worlds biggest hypochondriac right now.

btw, I just realized it's the fourth of July. Happy fourth to those in the 'states.
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