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This weekend me and some friends (whom I haven't seen for a while due to a lot of hardworking) are going to hang out. There will most likely be unlimited amounts of alcohol, which is fun.

Anyways, I got the mission to come up with some drinking-games and I was thinking of the movie drinking-game. You know, watch a movie, take a shot whenever a character says a certain word/do a certain thing etc. Recognise it? So, I'm trying to figure out suitable movies for this sort of game. But my mind is totally blank. First I was thinking of The Fellowship of the Ring. Take a shot whenever the word 'ring' or 'rings' is said, or whenever Frodo falls over or something. But since the movie is 3 hours long we might lose interest in it. (which is highly unlikely I would do if I was sober)

Do you have any suggestions on movies along with phrases or something? I would appreciate it a lot! 8)
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