She's not the Messiah, she's a very (naughtydolphin) wrote in thequestionclub,
She's not the Messiah, she's a very

Zombie schools and braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains.

Taken from comments on this entry, I bring the following:

At work one night, we got into a discussion about zombies, as you do. We then started wondering if smart people's brains taste better than dumb people's brains. This led onto would an alcoholic's brain, which has been pickled nicely for years, be nicer than say, that of a coke addict. This seriously kept me interested for at least an hour, and I'm still not sure of the answer.

What sort of brains do you think would taste the best? The worst? Would there be any difference? Should Zombie Schools teach their students to differentiate between different addictions? Or would schooling them at all be a waste of time?

I think a Zombie School would be quite fun. As long as I wasn't, like a zombie. Or one of their science/cooking experiments, of course.
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