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Let's say you lived in a country where the justice system was pretty good, and on average, 95% of every 100 criminals sentenced was guilty. 5 of those 100 are completely innocent. There are 1 million prisoners in lockup. The legal system is too hard to alter, so the only thing that can be changed is the judicial side involving sentencing. That's just how it is so don't complicate the hypothetical question by arguing about that point.

In one year, there is two initiatives on the ballot.

The first initiative wants to make sentencing lighter, applicable to ALL the already incarcerated as well (including the guilty), so the 50,000 innocent captives won't suffer as greatly and all future innocents might also benefit from softer prison terms. The campaign for this initiative is for greater leniency for the wrongly accused, and how can we call ourselves an advanced nation when so many innocent people are serving time for crimes they didn't do, how it's immoral to have the innocent suffer just as much as the wicked?

The second initiative wants to make sentencing harsher, applicable to the already incarcerated as well, so the prisoners have to serve their full sentence and there's no time off for good behavior or sentence reduction because of overcrowding. The campaign for this initiative is that the success rate for keeping dangerous criminals off the street is 95%, that the vast majority of the incarcerated deserve to be there and are off the streets, and it's better than a small percentage of innocent people suffer than society as a whole if criminals were being let back on the streets much sooner than they should

The vote is tomorrow. Which initiative would you support?

First initiative
Second initiative
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