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Boredom attacks!

So I assualt you with many and random questions.

1. Ever heard of Takarazuka?
2. What's your strangest, most obscure interest/hobby?
3a. Do you collect anything?
3b. What?
3c. How many of said thing do you have?
4. Do you have the tv on as backround noise when you're online?
5a. What's the silliest thing you've done for your SO?
5b. What's the silliest thing they've done for you?
6. Anytime I read the blurb on crime novels the victim is almost always a woman, or women. Can you recommend to me any crime novels where the victims are mostly, or entirely male?
7. What should I ask for question #7?
8. What do you do when you're really stressed/angry and need to cool down and relax?
9. What keeps ylou at your job?
10. What's the strangest flavour od ice cream you've ever eaten?
11. Should I put all this behind a cut>
12. Does it annoy you if you answer a question here and don't get a reply?
13. Do you automatically assume that the poster is from a certain country?
14. Have you ever seen or heard an example of stupidity so extreme that you really can't speak?
15. Ever saved somebody's life?
16. Ever had your own life saved?
17. Should I post my own answers?
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