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This stems off of an answer I saw yesterday that had me really upset. I couldn't find out the reasoning behind it, so I'll ask here and see what others have to say.

Have you ever heard that organ donation story, "If they find out you're an organ donor, they won't do as much to save you", and did you believe it? Were there any supporting details to go with this story, or just this one statement?

What are other things you've heard? (besides the bathtub full of ice thing).

As the friend of two people who have had 3 double lung transplants between them, and as the friend of four people who died waiting, I was apalled to read someone write that. If that was true, do you really think there would still be such a serious shortage? As of today, 92,000 people wait for organs, and only 1 in every 800 deaths fit the rules to be considered. And half of those are refused by the family. The organ donation bank works outside of the hospital, and isn't even called in until after the family has consented. Only people who have suffered brain death are considered for actual organ donation. Those who have already died are considered for bone, corneas, etc, but the body suffers too much trauma in dying for any of the internal organs we usually think of when organ donation is discussed.

I told my friend Mike about reading that answer, and it upset him more than I, being someone who is currently waiting, and has been waiting for quite some time, and it summed up what I was thinking. He wrote this:

This is in response to the misinformed individuals that are making false statements about the organ donation process. Do you realize how much you are contradicting what you are trying do to do for people? I understand that your initial purpose to spread such information around would be to help others that may be taken advantage of. My advice to you would be to read and do research before you make such accusations. People like yourself are doing more harm than good. I'm a 28 year old male awaiting a double lung transplant. My fear of dying soon is a reality because of people like you, not helping society make good use of the organs we leave behind. There aren't enough people in my area that are donors, this causes many people to die much younger than they could have with a new organ. Personally, I've known of several people in my situation that have died because they didn't have enough donors to have them.

Although your ignorance causes some people to become angry, I realize that anger is not something that will motivate you to think before you speak... or write. Compassion and understanding is something we should all have for one another, especially for those that are so ignorant. It's unfortunate that you haven't had the resources in your life to represent yourself in an intelligent manner, I hope that by learning from others such as myself... you will some day better educate yourself before causing someone else to make a decision that may ultimately hurt another.

If some of you still think I'm taking this way too seriously...then consider the fact that I've had a damaged liver since I was 14. I was considered for liver tranplantation 3 seperate times, but rejected from the list. My lungs are also damaged. Cystic fibrosis is progressive. I know I'll need lungs someday as well.
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