efie (efie) wrote in thequestionclub,

Is it appropriate to refer to a sadhu as "a holy man"? I'm mentioning one briefly in an oral presentation and I want to say

"Sri Sri Ramnarian Das is a Muslim Hindu, he's from India. He is considered a holy man, or "sadhu". When a sadhu dies, the people will bring his body to the river, surround him with stones and tie his hair to the rocks. Then they take him out in a boat and throw his body into a river. He is said to be pulled up to heaven by his dreadlocks."

but since I know absolutely nada about the hindu religion, i don't know if this is specifically accurate to describe a sadhu as a "holy man" but it's kinda what i gathered from wiki and my encyclopedia.

and, how often do you have to mop your kitchen floor?
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