Jess (thejoysofjess) wrote in thequestionclub,

What do you think of people who give their age as "Well I'm chronologically 15, but mentally...."?

What do you think of people who pull an "age card"? (Example: "Yeah, when I was 13 I did this, but now I don't. 13 is sooo immature. You'll learn one day.")

How many phone books does your city give out?

I always fill in the blank with an age 10 years younger than what they say they are "chronologically" because I've found that anyone who adamently claims maturity usually isn't.

I also think they are stupid. Sure, we were all dumb at 13 and at 13 we weren't aware of it, but there's no need to demean the way a 13 year old feels just because they're 13. The 'love' (or whatever) someone felt at 13 is just as real to them as anything else.

Mine gave out 3! All different!
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