Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

I live somewhat in the Des Moines area. Is there anybody interested in stealing my housemate's cat?

This is more-or-less serious. I 100% believe that at the end of the summer she'll kick it to the curb. I asked Rene(roommate) how old the cat was, to which she responded "ugh.... I'm trying to not get too attached to it, so I don't get all waaaaah (mumbling) away (mumbling) all these little things about her that are annoying." I think, I think my roommate didn't want a cat- I think she wanted a sleepy kitten who'd fall asleep in her lap. I also think she might've flunked out and is moving home at the end of the summer, because I saw a flyer where she was subletting her apartment for next year.
The cat cries because no-one plays with it all day when Rene and the other roommate are at work (I play with it some, and I let it play in my room, but I can't much becuase I'm allergic), and then when Rene gets home it cries to be picked up and she just yells at it to shut up.

Girl cat.
I don't know how old, but still eating kitten food, past the "fall-asleep while-eating" sortof stage and onto "I've spent the last (# of months) sleeping, now I have the energy to PLAY!!!"
Hasn't been fixed.
Don't know about shots, but I'm pretty sure she was a pet store kitten so she'd have at least the starter shots.
Hasn't been declawed... but they were trimmed because she liked to jump on people and climb up.(she's stopped trying, though)
Doesn't scratch, does the "I don't know it hurts" play biting
Good with the litter box, except when Rene is stupid leaves her door shut.
Likes being up high. likes to sit on my shoulder and watch me make dinner.
Big fan of boxes, tube-shaped tupperware, and the feathers on a string I hung from the fan. possibly because Rene only got her one toy and it's kindof disappeared.
is a cuddlebutt, after she's played enough.
Has not figured out how to get into my fishtanks.
standard brown & black striped shorthair.

I can't really offer anything in the way of cat equipment, unless maybe I talk to her and clear her giving it away instead having it 'get lost'.

I can try to answer any other questions... really, if she doesn't work out at your place and you take her to a shelter, that's better or equal than how she's going to end up here.
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