M (notresponding) wrote in thequestionclub,

Getting the day off.

Okay, so here goes:

I'm schedualed to work on Monday, from 4:45-close. (At Target) and I want to go out instead. Very badly.

Now, my question is should I call in sick, or talk to them about it? And should I tell the truth, or use and excuse? I dont know if I should tell them today at work, or if I should just call in sick. Any advice is helpful.

Things to consider:
1. It'll be my 5th week of working here (but it's only a summer job)
2. I've never called in sick, not shown up, or been late.
3. I'm currently at 36 hours for that week WITHOUT that shift...and the rule is up to 40, but not over.
4. Monday is the day before the 4th of July, thus, a lot of things to set up.
5. I have a history of having a bad knee (popping out of it's socket, crutches, etc)...always an easy excuse...
6. I've checked the shift board and almost everyone who's over 18 is already schedualed until close that day (other than those who have asked for it off or arent available)
7. I am working on the 4th from 6pm-close, and intend to show up for that shift.
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