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So, I pretty much only have three friends because I am a picky bitchface. And usually this is fine. I like my buddies very much and up until the end of this school year, they liked me.


One of them has apparently just decided that she doesn't like me anymore. She told her best friend, Laina, who in turn, told me. She also mentioned to our other friend, Karen, that she didn't think she'd be seeing much of me this summer. Which Karen found odd, as we'd all been planning on hanging out together, so she told me. We're all really close. Kara, the girl who no longer likes me, must have known that Laina and Karen wouldn't not tell me. Karen is my best friend and not terribly close with Kara, either, so she especially does not carry any obligation to cover up for Kara not liking me. You tell her something like that and no shit, she's my best friend, she's gonna tell me all about it. I just chalked it up to her being too much of a wimp to tell me face to face that she no longer wants to be pals, which I was fine with (I'm the least close to her out of the three of them).

However, recently she's still been trying to chat with me on AIM, comments to my xanga, suggests stuff for us all to do together. Her behavior towards me hasn't really changed at all. I'm rather confused.

So, thoughts? Is she bi-polar or just stupid? Should I be asking her about it instead of debating it with you folk on tqc early this morning? We've been not so close since we turned 18 (she does not approve of cigarettes or porn or underage drinking or whatnot) and I honestly wouldn't mind losing her as a friend, but I'm not sure how to go about dealing with this. I'll probably just ask her when she gets back from vacation, but that'll fuck up any potential group vacations, so I dunno.

And hey, that's all of us in the icon, so guess which one she is for bonus points! Or if you're really bored, guess who all of us are. Just to amuse yourself.
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