fu (mrs_havok_) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have a couple questions & thanks.

My best friend and I had been planning to randomly travel to some spur-of-the-moment decision destination for as cheap as we can, we both start college in the fall. However, my bf just had a great opportunity to start his school in two weeks and that leaves our plans in shambles.

I decided I am still going. I would really like to go to New Orleans for about 5 nights, I found a flight that would work for about $250 bucks. My only question is, what is it like down there. I've read so much on the effects of Katrinia but not really closely enough as if I was actually traveling there.

Are museums/tours/regular sight-seeing still going on? I am an 18-year-old female from Philly, PA, if that matters. I love to walk around, take pictures, just take it all in...will I be okay to do that or is their destruction everywhere.

Also, I would want to stay in a hostel, is that safe with the condition of the area now? I've stayed in a pretty shitty hostel in Ireland and two nice ones in Scotland and Wlales, but I am not sure.


Thank you.

Also, any other tips or things I should see...I would love to hear it. Also, I would be opening to do some volunteering one day if that is appropriate.

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