Mephistopheles (acatsoclever) wrote in thequestionclub,

internet's throwing a tantrum

Suddenly this morning the dialup internet connection on my other computer ceased to work. It worked fine as of last night, when I last used it. I did not change any settings then.

The modem dials correctly but no programs can talk to the internet.

The modem is installed correctly and there are no com port conflicts.

I made a new network connection, no improvement.

I have already found that it is not the firewall, adware/spyware, or a virus. It can't be my phone line or cord because I can connect fine (obviously!) from this computer.

I followed every other step in the Windows troubleshooting guide. Most of the steps were irrelevant, but I tried changing the port speed from 115200 to 57600 didn't work, but down to 9600 did. Until I disconnected and later tried to redial. The problem is back.

What else should I try?

Thanks in advance!
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