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1. Under what circumstances do you think it is ok to put a pet to sleep?

2. What helps you when you're feeling nauseated?

3. Are there any common themes in the media you hadn't noticed till you became sensative to them for one reason or another? (ie the many jokes about death on random tv, and you started to notice because someone you know died?)

4. Is casina gambling legal in your state/country? Have you ever been to a casino? Do you find casinos enjoyable, or stupid? What was the most money you've ever won in one?

5. What makes you lose respect for people?

1. I think it's really only right to put a pet to sleep if they are in a lot of pain, or have serious behavior issues that make them dangerous that can't be helped. I was talking to my mom's boss today, and he is thinking about putting down his dog because she barks. No training, no nothing, just put her down and forget about it. WTF? I yelled at him. My aunt did the same thing to her dog because she moved and got new carpet....

2. I'm just asking because I feel like i'm going to puke. help me?

3. Cancer. SO MANY JOKES ABOUT CANCER. I never realized this till my gf's dad died and we had to stop watching tv for a while because it was upseting her a lot. I think another would be thinly veiled wife beating jokes? way, way more than I ever thought of once I started noticing.

4. There are several casinos in MN. I go with my parents every few months. I find them really boring, and kind of gross. I did win $500 at one once.

5. When I find out they mistreated other people or animals, when they make terrible choices, when they do something like steal or swindle someone, when i catch them in a lie, when they show themselves to be stupid, basically.
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