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Three Questions

1. I'm trying to remember this candy I used to love all the time as a child. It was gum, and it came in this little pink plastic bottle at the cash register at the grocery store. I think the label had a picture of a tropical island, but I can't remember. I remember that the gum came in several little pieces and there was powdered sugar in the bottle you could shake around. I think it had some fruity flavor. This might have been about 10-15 years ago that this candy was around. I lived in the Southern US, if that helps. :) EDIT: Answered!!

2. Is there anything, like a food product, that you ABSOLUTELY cannot stand that is unique to where you're from?

3. How many of your current icons did you make yourself? How many of them did you use some sort of tutorial for?

2. I'm from Alabama, and I cannot stand iced tea. I have never liked it. I hate going to functions and finding out that the only drinks they serve are tea and water. :( I'm like the black sheep of the family. XD

3. I made about a third of my icons myself. I used tutorials for the movie ones that I made, although I've used tutorials over and over again, and some have probably stuck with me... such as coloring, etc. :)
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