Hello. (bbsy) wrote in thequestionclub,

I think I had a reaction to some sort of food.

I'm breaking into hives all over my chest and arms. My torso, arms, and even scalp itch. My eyelids and palms of my hands are swelling. I developed a hacking cough, but that went away and my nose started draining a lot. I could very well be imagining the thickness in my throat. I took two Benadryl once (as I was scratching furiously) I noticed the hive under my arm. Now my nose is entirely stuffed.

As much as people hate medical questions...I did try finding a nursing hotline with little success.

So who can I call next?

Or simply, how do I know that I need medical attention? Could I just sleep it off? Should I try to stay awake for a while? Last time my seasonal allergies got really bad and my eyes swelled up, the ER just gave me Benadryl as I sat in the waiting room for hours. Got a once-over from the ER doc, then was sent home. (I'm currently in Burke, VA, if that helps...far away from home.)

Could I simply take more Benadryl?
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