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games and toys!

1. Are you good at I think I'm pretty good, I can spin toss them pretty high and spin them between my legs and all sorts of cool stuff like that. :D

2. Are you good at Yo-yos? I am a pathetic yo-yoer, but I've gotten better over the years.

3. Are you good at hackeysack? My record is two.

4. What about ping-pong? Considering I play an awful lot, I'm not too great but I've won my fair share of ping pong games.

5. Ever solved a Rubik's Cube? In seventh grade I carried one around with me constantly, obsessing over it. In the end, I got it so that only two squares were out of place. If I covered them with my fingers when I held it, it looked complete. But I gave up, because I just couldn't get those squares to the right place.

6.Are you good at that "catch the ball in the cup" game? Yes. :]

7. Favorite game/toy? I loooove Devil Sticks and ping pong.
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