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so, i need to call england in order to talk to some landlords. i'm in the US. i have a phone card, but no landline. can i still use the phone card with my cell phone?
i've looked through the FAQs on the website where i got it, but they didn't say.
thank youuuuuu

ok question one was answered, here's question two-

err, as i may have said a million times, i'm going to london for grad school. SO, i'm planning on moving in with two people. one of them found a REALLY nice flat in an amazing location in london (for those of you familiar, marble arch is literally down the street 2 blocks from it). now, this place is £180/month over my budget, so if we got it, after tuition and rent and fees, i'd be left with £500/month to live on (bills, food, travel, phone). if you were me, would you say "hell, might as well take advantage of my loans and live in an awesome location" or would you say "i'd want more for living expenses"?

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