KXO (kxo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Long time no post

My dilemma: For the past 6 weeks, I've had an iced soy latte every weekday morning when I get to work. I've noticed that even on two hours of sleep, I can make it through a full eight hour day with just that shot of espresso in the morning. The problem is, that for the past two weekends, I get horrible headaches an hour after I would normally have had my latte. The headaches last all day. I know that I am addicted to caffeine. The thing is, even though I hate the idea of being chemically dependent, I am also a college student. It was bound to happen eventually, right?

My question: IF I decide to break the hold caffeine has over me, how long should this take if I go cold turkey? That's a big if, though. See, I like the idea of having espresso handy for the long nights of studying that will be ahead of my once August rolls around. So my next question is: Where can I get an espresso maker that is less than a foot tall (<10 in. preferred), less than $40, and can make 1 oz. shots and also .5 oz. shots (though no half shots isn't deal a deal breaker). I'm not a huge fan of steamer attachments, either (also not a deal breaker). So where could I find something like this? Froogle gave me some leads, but I'm having trouble finding the specs mentioned above. Also, if any of you have espresso makers that you absolutely adore, let me know and I'll look into them.

(Also, fuck regular coffee. I don't care about that weak shit.)

Also! What are some of your experiences with addiction? Points if you can dissuade me from buying an espresso machine!
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