pelt the rabbit in his big white face (malantha) wrote in thequestionclub,
pelt the rabbit in his big white face

I recently got married and I'm just now getting around to doing all the name change crap. Soooo....

1. If you've done this before, do you have any tips or things I might be forgetting to do?
2. (For CT residents specifically, I think) Is there a separate DMV form to change your name on a photo ID as opposed to on a license?
3a. For girls: Do you plan on changing your name if/when you get married? How would you do it (hyphenate, drop your maiden name completely, change your middle name to your maiden name, create a new one all together, etc)? Does your decision depend on how you like your partner's last name?
3b. For guys: Ignoring for the moment your partner's wishes, would you want them to take your name? Would you be disappointed if they didn't want to?

4. How awesome is Mike Patton? If you actually know who he is, what's your favorite project/band that he was involved in?
5. Any tips on how to make my feet not try to kill me after being on them for 8 hours? Other than new shoes (cuz I already bought some..). Stretches, exercises, incantations?
6. Do you use LJ memories much? How do you decide what to add? Are you more likely to add your own posts or other peoples?
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